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Just when you thought TikTok couldn't get any worse, or better yet, humanity.

In April 2021, 24-year-old Cameron Herrin was charged for a 2018 crash that killed a woman and her one-year old daughter and sentenced to 24 years in prison. A lot of TikTokers were upset over this, and wanted him released because he was "cute". A cult was even started for him.[1]

Why No Justice Should Be Served for This Appalling Movement

  1. First off, Cameron Herrin is an actual killer who killed two people including an infant, yet thousands of people want him out because he's "cute".
  2. Speaking of which, Herrin isn't even "cute" at all. He looks like a complete psychopath.
  3. It turns out that Herrin was arrested FIVE times for illegal street racing, proving his complete ignorance, and adding ten times more salt to the wound.
  4. There is a petition on change.org to free Herrin, which has 35,000 (possibly more) signatures.
  5. This cult for Herrin proves modern society's complete ignorance.
  6. Even Herrin's mother was disturbed by this cult.



  1. See video 1


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